Unlock the full potential of your JTAG/RGH and dominate online gaming with ease!

Why Choose Cipher?

At Cipher, we take pride in offering the most advanced features on the market. Our team of experts has developed cutting-edge solutions that include XCommunity, Advanced Gold Spoofing, the best onhosts, offhosts and menus and many more features. We are committed to providing you with the best-in-class Xbox 360 modding solutions that give you the edge you need to dominate the online gaming world.

We invest heavily in our infrastructure to guarantee near 100% uptime and use high-grade hardware and advanced technology to ensure uninterrupted gameplay. Our team of experts work tirelessly to ensure that your accounts and KVs are never banned and that you're able to connect online even during Xbox Live outages. Additionally, we employ advanced security measures to protect your data and ensure that your gaming experience remains safe and secure.

As a company, we have been in business for over 4 years and have satisfied over 25,000 customers. Our track record speaks for itself, and we are committed to providing you with the best possible service. Choose us for the ultimate online modding experience, and join the thousands of gamers who have already chosen us as their go-to JTAG/RGH stealth service provider.

Our Features

Lasting KVs

With Cipher, we guarentee that you will never have to worry about your KV getting banned. We have users on the same KV for over 3 years!

Xbox Live Error Bypasses

We developed various fixes for common Xbox Live errors that may occur when testing connection or signing into a profile. We try to provide Live access even when Xbox Live itself is having issues!

No KV Mode

Cipher provides a like-no-other No KV Mode feature, toggleable via the Management Menu, meaning you can get online without needing your own KV.


With Cipher, you get access to the XCommunity network! You can play with your friends, join public session, benefit from improved matchmaking & more!

Advanced Gold Spoofing

Cipher allows you to join game sessions and invites without an Xbox Live Gold Membership.

Quality User Experience

We guarentee you will never be interrupted when using Cipher thanks to our: silent/background updates; no rebooting when changing KV or enabling No KV Mode; console IP doesn't change; no account 'password required' after changing KV and much more small features that provide the best User Experience!

Constant Uptime

Cipher is hosted by servers located all across the world to provide near to 100% uptime!

Management Menu

You can configure Cipher to your liking with our Management Menu that you can open anywhere with a button bind.

Custom & Adjustable UI

Cipher offers you the ability to customize your environment UI (HUD, XNotify, Dashboard).

Cheat Engines

Cipher provides you with the best cheat engines available on the market for a variety of games including most Call Of Duty titles.

Game Bypasses

Cipher provides ban bypasses for a variety of games including all Call Of Duty titles to ensure your profile's safety.

KV Protection

Cipher provides protection against any file interaction with your KV.bin. You'll be prompted with a message box on your system if a module tries to access your KV, and you'll be able to allow or deny the access request.

Dashlaunch Helper

Cipher will handle various Dashlaunch features such as Liveblock, Livestrong, XHttp and others to provide a stable online experience.

Module & Game Loader

Cipher also provides you with a Module Lister, a Module Loader and a Game Loader in the Management Menu allowing you to easily load, unload and reload modules & games from your system. Recent Games & Modules are also saved on the Management Menu for easy launching.

Module Auto-Load

Cipher includes an Auto-Load (AKA. "extra plugins") system which allows you to setup Modules you wish to have automatically loaded on console startup or when a game starts. You can configure Auto-Load for Modules via the Management Menu.

Achievement Unlocker

You can unlock all the achievements on the game you are currently playing through the Management Menu.

XBL Party Joiner & Spoofer

You can forcefully join a user's party from the Management Menu. You can also spoof your name in the party.

Game Session Joiner

You can forcefully join a user's game session from the Management Menu.

Controller Emulator

Emulate other controller inputs without having more than one controller physically plugged in. This feature is more likely to be used by developers.

Crash Handler & Debugger

Cipher provides a exception handler which allows developers to understand and fix their issue.

Our Addon Features

Offhost Exploits

Available with our
Premium package

Option in all our Offhosts to crash, kick, freeze or "host migrate" a specific player - without being host!

BO2 Onhost Menu

Available with our
Premium package

A unique Host Menu for Black Ops 2! Includes everything you'd expect from a host menu, trickshotting options, aswell as the ability to toggle all the options for other players in your game!

Dedicated No KV Mode

Available with our
Premium package

Our No KV Mode is a highly used feature and can be overloaded at peak times. With Premium No KV Mode, you will benefit from our dedicated No KV Mode reserved only to Premium users to experience a flawless online experience!


Available with our
Deluxe package

Our GTA IV menu will make your enhance your gameplay in both Single Player and Online with it's unique player, vehicle and fun options!

GTA V Menu

Available with our
Deluxe package

Do you still enjoy playing GTA V Single Player? If so, have some more fun with our GTA V menu!

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Our Plans & Pricing

Our Addon Pricing

Every addon is a one time purchase and they unlock features within Cipher. You still need access to use the addons.


COD Offhost Exploits: kick/crash/freeze/migrate player

COD BO2 Onhost

Premium Only Dedicated No KV Mode


Grand Theft Auto IV Menu

Grand Theft Auto IV Script Manager & Loader

Grand Theft Auto V Menu

Premium & Deluxe Bundle

Get Premium and Deluxe for cheaper!

If you have Unlimited Access, Premium or Deluxe, you may get the roles and access to the member channels in our Discord server by linking your console to your Discord account.

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