Video Tutorials

How to setup Cipher, enable No KV Mode and more: Watch video

How to redeem tokens: Watch video

How to link your console(s) with your Discord account(s): Watch video

How to setup the module Auto-Load (extra plugins): Watch video

Frequently Asked Questions

Download our files from this website, extract the files from the archive and place them ALL onto the root of your HDD, then reboot your console. You should now be on Cipher.
If you're not using an HDD, join our Discord server and open a support ticket, we'll assist you with the setup.

Join our Discord server and use the /freemode command.

We accept credit/debig card automatically on our website aswell as country specific options. You can also purchase using PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Amazon, Cryptocurrency and more by opening a sales ticket in our Discord server.

Ensure your console is connected to the internet. If your using a VPN, consider resharing your connection.

If that doesn't solve it, consider downloading the latest files.

Open the Management Menu (Dpad Down + Right Stick). On the first tab ("Main"), you will find a section on the top right side including the option you can enable and disable.

Upgrading to Deluxe will unlock our Cheat Menus for Grand Theft Auto IV & V that aren't available with Regular Cipher.

You can purchase and redeem a Deluxe token like regular access tokens.

Upgrading to Premium will unlock many more features that aren't available with Regular Cipher.

You can purchase and redeem a Premium token like regular access tokens.

If you have not found the solution to your question or issue with the above information,
please join our discord server and ask for help there. Join the Discord!