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via modded consoles.

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Why Choose Cipher?

Lasting Keyvaults

With Cipher you will never have to worry about your keyvaults being banned. Our perfect retail console emulation will assure you remain online as long as you need.

No KV Mode

Cipher provides a reliable No KV Mode feature, toggleable via the Management Menu, meaning you can get online without needing your own KV.

Management Menu

You can configure Cipher to your liking with our Management Menu that you can open anywhere with a button bind.

Custom & Adjustable UI

Cipher offers you the ability to customize your environment UI (HUD, XNotify, Dashboard).

Cheat Engines

Cipher CE provides you with outstanding options for Hack VS Hacks and a unique design.

Game Bypasses

Cipher provides bypasses for a variety of games to ensure your profile does not get banned from the game's online service.

KV Protection

Cipher provides protection against any file interaction with your KV.bin. You'll be prompted with a message box on your console if a module tries to access your KV, and you'll be able to allow or deny the access request.

Dashlaunch Helper

Cipher will handle various Dashlaunch features such as Liveblock, Livestrong, XHttp and others to provide a stable online experience.

Module Loader

Cipher also provides you with a Module Lister & Loader in the Management Menu allowing you to easily load, unload and reload modules from your console.

Achievement Unlocker

You can unlock all the achievements on the game you are currently playing through the Management Menu.

Controller Emulator

Emulate other controller inputs without having more than one controller physically plugged in. This feature is more likely to be used by developers.

Crash Handler & Debugger

Cipher provides a exception handler which allows developers to understand and fix their issue.

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Random Token

3/7/15/30/90 days
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If you bought or won a Unlimited Access token, you can claim
your Unlimited Access Member role in our Discord by providing the token and cpukey used to a support member!